Thursday, June 29, 2006

Happy 4th Weekend

Well the test is canceled and im out of town this coming weekend so dont expect to see much of me. I hope everyone has a good weekend.

On the DynamicMUD front the only thing thats really happened this week is that I think I might convert my CVS stuff to Subversion. I like how SVN uses a global revision instead of revision numbers for each file. I have 70+ files now and that will multiply before this game is ready for the public. It is too hard to try and turn back multiple files if I want an old version. When I make the switch will depend on when I finish researching it and have the time (and a good break in the forward development).

In other news I noticed another non released game is on and ranked in the top 30. I think if enough people were interested here we could do the same thing and quite possibly build up the reader and testerbase. We already have more stuff available to players because of the tests we will be running. If you would vote please post a comment to this entry and if we have 5 or 6 willing I might just get Dynamic listed. I think TMS allows a vote per ip every 12 hours, so maybe everyone could specify if they think they could vote once or twice a day. With the added readers coming from TMS we might have enough traffic to increase ad profits and make some money. By the way if your reading this from the google groups page click the link to this blog post somewhere below this so you can post a comment.

Thanks all.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Test Cancelled

Looks like the test I was planning for sunday will be put off another week. I basicly found out today that im heading up to Vermont to train this weekend and thats a much better opportunity for me then sitting around watching text scroll. I should have even more cool features available by then so it will be worth the wait.

I ended up spending the past two nights mashing away at the Eclipse IDE trying to get the metrics plugin to work. I finally fixed it and realized that all my files need to be correct for it to compile the metrics. Here are some cool stats about the project so far:

Total Lines: 13396
Lines of Code: 7124
Classes: 73
Methods: 657

This project is really growing. My short term todo list is shrinking which is good, and things are really improving quickly. I also added a performance command the other day which lets me see a graph of the last 100 pulses and how much of their allocated time is actually needed. Please keep checking here so you can get in on the real next test. By the way I also added a google calendar to this page, it should be in the list of links at the top right of the page. I will try my best to post all test events there.

See you all soon.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Moving Forward

Ok so work is moving forward, the first 11 items on my todo list have been eliminated. Only 20+ left before the immediate stuff is done and I can grab some stuff to do off of my long term list. Abbreviations are in tonight as is a nice command I can use to untag everyone at once which will make testing a million times easier for me, especially if next time is larger.

The next test still looks like it will be a week from Sunday. I am on the line about where I should post notice for it. I think MudConnector is a safe bet, but im not sure if I should post to that set of roguelike google groups. Dynamic isnt exactly a roguelike but those people need to play a good game ;) Anyone that might have come to the site because of the last time I posted there should weigh in and give me some insight from that seat at the table.

I am toying with concepts for how the staff organization will work and hopefully will be ready to start taking on a few support people to help this all continue forward smoothly. In other news I start teaching in my new location tomorrow night so Tuesdays and Thursdays from here on out for the rest of the summer will possibly lost to the cause of getting my lazy ass back into shape. Everyone please tell your friends who may be into MUDS or MMORPGS and see if we can grab some of them for the next test, I would like a bunch more people this time around. Until this weekend.


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Test I Completed

The first test is now done, thanks all for helping. We found a lot of things that could be fixed or improved and I have 14 new items on my todo list. The next test will likely be two weeks from today, keep checking here for more details.

The teams were Ninsho, Dima, and Ryadmere with Ryad leaving early vs Sliis, Ract, and Qyae. The following is output for individual scores in game:

T# Name [ Tags ][ Saves ][ Freezes]
2 Ninsho [ 10 ][ 1 ][ 7]
3 Toraux [ 0 ][ 27 ][ 0]
2 Dima [ 8 ][ 2 ][ 6]
1 Qyae [ 5 ][ 0 ][ 6]
1 Sliis [ 4 ][ 3 ][ 5]
2 Ryadmere [ 2 ][ 0 ][ 1]
1 Ract [ 5 ][ 0 ][ 9]

Sorry for it not being clean looking but blogspot doesnt use a true space font.

Here is the command usage statistics for the main part of todays test:
Command Exec Count Exec Time Avg Exec
dymuw.core.commands.Command 40 16 0.4
dymuw.core.commands.Unknown 46 22 0.4
dymuw.core.commands.North 390 1910 4.8
dymuw.core.commands.South 337 1741 5.1
dymuw.core.commands.East 1087 4860 4.4
dymuw.core.commands.West 1073 5012 4.6
dymuw.core.commands.Look 150 1010 6.7
dymuw.core.commands.Say 99 114 1.1
dymuw.core.commands.Global 196 608 3.1
dymuw.core.commands.GlobalLog 43 51 1.1
dymuw.core.commands.Echo 36 110 3.0
dymuw.core.commands.EchoLog 3 1 0.3
dymuw.core.commands.PageCommand 892 199 0.2
dymuw.core.commands.Commands 12 41 3.4
dymuw.core.commands.GameInfo 3 1 0.3
dymuw.core.commands.Get 2 1 0.5
dymuw.core.commands.Drop 1 1 1.0
dymuw.core.commands.Equipment 1 1 1.0
dymuw.core.commands.Exam 2 2 1.0
dymuw.core.commands.EditRoom 0 0 0.0
dymuw.core.commands.EditFaction 12 4 0.3

Once again tell your friends to come check out this page!

Ill check in again sometime later in the week.
Later all.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

First Test Tomorrow

Its been a long week so far. Got some coding done and the test should be going as planned tomorrow at 3pm Eastern time. If you havent signed up yet for the tester group look through the last few posts for the link and do that :P For everyone who isnt interested in testing yet the premise will basicly be a test of the tag code I wrote. Each team will try to freeze the other team while avoiding being tagged and saving their own teammates.

As always please tell your friends about the very cool DynamicMUD in development! I look forward to seeing my testers tomorrow. Now to sleep, I am quite tired.


Sunday, June 11, 2006


Still busy as all hell but I got most of the basic tag stuff done. I think I will be working on some more supporting features this week. The planned test will be sometime possibly around 1 or 2pm Sunday June 18th Eastern Standard time if all goes well. This is a good time to get signed up for the testers group if you havent yet. Any and all details on ips and ports will be posted on that group. Hopefully this week wont be as hard on me time wise as last week but we'll see what happens. I might be cutting down my status posts to around once or twice a week to allow more coding time. Until next time.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Not Much Progress

Not too much progress today on the coding front.... I wrote up all the main comments for the new classes and implemented the TagPlayer class without testing it. Im finding it hard to get tremendus amounts of coding done now that im at work all day. It really eats my time and whipes me out by the time I get home. I found out that I will probably be home Saturday night tho so I should be able to hammer away at this tag stuff then at least and ensure a Sunday test date. I think the first test will be most likely around 1 or 2 Eastern Standard time on sunday and run no longer then an hour. Please sign up for the testers group if you havent yet, and point your friends to this blog. Remember you need to be signed up for the mailing list here to be approved for the tester group.

Mailing List

Tester Group

Thanks all.


Monday, June 05, 2006

Data Bug Fixed

Well after my grueling orientation I got home and fixed the big data bug. Apparently I was using the same resultset and statement variables for the database stuff so whenever there was a being involved the room would cough out and finish loading.

I also set up the files I will be needing for the tag game. There are currently 10 classes just for the tag game, basicly all of them derive off of the other base classes from the core engine. I may or may not have them all implemented to a playable level for sunday but we'll need to wait and see.

Until then here is the mailing list address for any new viewers. Please send your friends here if you think they would enjoy the game.

This is the tester group address:

The tester group is pretty much an invite or permission only group. Anyone who is currently on the mailinglist is eligible to sign up. If you dont get in right away dont worry, I will need to approve each join request. I will probably accept everyone who is on the list but sign up quickly because if I do decide to limit it will be first come first serve.


Sunday, June 04, 2006

Login Done

Gonna make this short because I need to go to my first day at work tomorrow and I need to get up early : (

The basic login code is done. People who sign up for testing wont be able to make their own accounts or characters but should be fine for testing. Found another bug tonight with the dataloading stuff, it might take the next couple of days to figure it out with my now more limited weekday schedule. Still have pretty much all of the tag code left too so I might not be on time to run a test next weekend, but this week will determine that. Think thats about all for now.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Data Storage

Data storage stuff is now probably about 60% done. I should have it pretty much all worked out by the end of tomorrow. If all goes well ill write the basic tag stuff this weekend and hopefully have all the simple bugs out of it before next weekend. Ill most likely post the link to the testers group tomorrow. Im still not sure how many I will accept but hoping a decent number will want in. This is a great time to tell your friends about dynamic and get them to visit the blog. The link to sign up for the normal mailing list is:

Anyway, im tired from being up coding all day.