Thursday, February 23, 2006

Items Redo

Been recoding a lot of items to deal with the new policy on database usage. Most of it is done, all that I have left is adding a new function to save items on a regular basis etc. Once I finish that im going to test the hell out of items and make sure they run smooth and clean up the code a bit. Hopefully by early next week I will be able to move on to coding AI again and add some very cool advanced AI features. I am hoping to have the rest of 0.0.x done so ill be able to code 0.1.x features starting with spring break (going to have a bunch of free time). If im feeling up to it ill hopefully also allow people to check out dynamic over break when my machine is at home and not behind these nazi routers :P
C-ya later.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Not so Rough Patch

Looks like the database issue is no longer an issue. I fixed most of Dynamic this weekend, seems to run fine. Currently I can have k active ai threads running and the cpu load is usually less then 20-30% instead of the 90% I had before.

I will be fixing a bunch of other stuff and shaping dynamic back towards where I was before I noticed this major flaw in the next couple of weeks. I should report in soon once I get everything straightened out, ill be attempting to run 10k ai's soon too. I am also planning to run Dynamic for people to try out over my spring break, when I have more details youll be able to find them here.


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Rough Patch

Looks like im hitting a bit of a rough patch. Not only do I have a fever this weekend, but it looks like I will need to make some major changes to my design for Dynamic to meet the expectations I have for it. It seems database operations are too processor expensive to do as fequently as I had planned. After having 1000 AI units walking around moving every second and thus updating a database 1k times a second causes some extreme lag.

The plan for the next week is to move all player/entity stuff more directly into memory. I will be storing all the entities in a list and have to write some fast searching code to pull them out of their list quickly. I will probably end up modifying items in a similar way to make them more processor efficient as well. If all goes well I should have dynamic running smoothly with several thousand AI units doing all sorts of movement and item operations on a very fast basis. Ill try to update here when dynamic seems stable again.